Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Walk Like an Egyptian

So here is Sesh as her hieroglyphic self. She may be flat, two-dimensional and stiff, but she's still got her sass. I created the following in Photoshop, with each body part having it's own layer. I can then import all of the elements into After FX, parent them together and create a nifty hieroglyphic puppet. That's the plan anyway. I also made her slightly transparent so that the ancient wall can be seen through her a bit as she moves on it. I hope it's selling the idea.

Sesh is soooo over this blog and just wants to go home and get some turkey!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Change of Plans

After an unsuccessful attempt at capturing the distinct look of Egyptian hieroglyphics in some animation tests last week, I think I will try another technique. Some of my classmates have suggested that I make puppets in After FX, so I will try that...but I'll tackle that a little later.

So, to not hold back the momentum of my film, I will animate 2 short shots of the security guard flipping the lights off in the museum from the beginning of the film. I will use my tried and true pencil and paper for these. Here are the story panels I will cover: