Monday, April 7, 2008

Pop, LOCK, and Drop It!

So, a strange thing happened last Tuesday. I officially Picture Locked "Gallery Girl." That means all of my timing was set in stone, and now my Composer and Sound Designer can work their magic.

Speaking of magic, take a look at the wonders of the Cintiq. I'm creating the Oil Painting Sequence entirely with the Cintiq, and the first stage was the rough animation. So far so good! The Cintiq makes animating, clean-up and coloring so much easier it makes my head spin. Here's a rough shot created with the Cintiq. Seshet is stunned:

This last week I also revisited cleaning-up the Charcoal Sequence. I've got the charcoal process down to a pretty efficient pipeline (as efficient as animating with charcoal can get at least). Here's how it goes down.

First, I rough out the animation with a plain old pencil:

Second, I clean-up with that same old pencil (or probably many, many other pencils):

Third, I charcoal it up for the final look:

Then I hairspray and scan each drawing, adjust their curves in Photoshop, cut them together in Premiere, and, lastly, pass out.


Sheila said...

I really like the way you broke this down Andrew.

Crowderkskz said...

I really like the way you broke this down Andrew.