Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beethoven the Composer...Not the Dog

The verdict for our leading lady's new name is Seshet. Which I just thought sounded cool and "Egyptian," but apparently it IS Egyptian. According to a few sources, Seshet is translated into "Scribe" from ancient Egyptian. Scribe? Big whoop, right? Except when you consider that most scholars think women in Ancient Egypt were illiterate (not by choice), a female scribe was breaking the mold. So Ancient Egyptian girl power!! All hail Seshet!

Now for some girls that aren't scribes by any means. These are the After FX puppets for Benu's ditsy admirers. Benu is the brawny boy in the middle.

In other news, Seshet has a run-in with a certain famous composer named Ludwig van Beethoven in the film. Well, a bust of his head, at least. Here he is, and he's happy to see you.

Speaking of composers...I'm looking for one. I'll keep you updated on what happens with that. I think it's about time for Seshet to painting-hop with a soundtrack.


Victor said...

"Run in"

Ha ha! I get it!

French class!!!!!!

Carder said...

ugh. girl power.