Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beauty and the Benu

First off, a realization: so I googled the word Sesh and it means a few things. No big deal. But one thing that it means, according to the Urban Dictionary is: "A 'session' in which one smokes cannabis sativa through the use of a bong with a collective of friends." Totally fine, but maybe not fine for the name of our fair Egyptian lady. So, I'm thinking maybe Sesha or Seshet (still Sesh, but different). I'm taking votes!

In other news, the After FX Hieroglyphic puppets have proven to be quite a challenge, but I think I'm on the right track. I've cut a lot of the needless Egyptian characters from the party section, so now it's only Sesha/Seshet and the brawny Benu and his team of female admirers that I have to worry about. The idea now is that this is a small piece broken off of a much bigger wall found in some Ancient Egyptian tomb...or something. But the main focus now is also that Sesha/Seshet is stuck in not only a flat, dimensionless medium, but also trapped with emotionally flat, dimensionless people. This also means that Princess Sesha/Seshet shouldn't be a princess anymore, to make her even more left out of the crowd (so much for this blog's URL).

Here's the flattest, dimensionless of them all, Benu (he looks good in a mini-skirt though):

I've also cut the Warhol painting that Sesha/Seshet travels through, in favor of focusing on the other paintings. I'm in a constant process of streamlining as the deadline creeps up. So, talk amongst yourselves. I'll give a topic: Princess Sesh is neither a princess nor a sesh, discuss.


Emily said...

just so you know, you can create a character and have them move and then duplicate them, and swap in another character's parts that are the same size so that it looks like another character, but without quite so much work. you could do it on a really small scale so that you could still have background characters to pan past - like create your characters where there's just an arm holding a drink that moves slightly and an eye that opens and closes or something, and then you could intersperse those with still ones and it could still look lively without as much work. but you'd probably want to save that until later anyway, in case you don't have time. And if this was unclear, I can show you some time, if you end up wanting to do it like that.

Lauren said...

I think I like Sesha better as a name.
And I'm sure you'll be thanking yourself when you cut out unnecessary things :)

Carder said...

Seshet sounds more stereotypical to me. Interpret that how you will. Meanwhile, I really just wanted to leave a comment on how much I liked your last sentence.

Victor said...

Seshet makes her sound like a little Sesh.

Why not just Sesh?

Why did we abandon that again? Does it mean something dirty?