Friday, October 19, 2007


Welcome to my blog about my an animated short "Gallery Girl." It's my Senior Thesis film at USC's School of Cinematic Arts! I'm already well underway, finishing post-production this week. Now I'm ready to start animation (hopefully). But, there's always room for improvement, so I'm posting my initial designs that I did back in April.

The brief synopsis: Sesh, an Egyptian Princess, lives in an Egyptian hieroglyphic wall carving at the National Museum. She becomes bored with the constant pageantry of her carving, and longs to explore other places and meet new people. One night, after the museum closes, Sesh discovers an oil painting off in the distance. Facing her dream, Sesh decides to act and leaves her flat hieroglyphic existance. She steps into the oil painting, and is swept away in the rich colors, becoming oil painted herself. Throughout the night, Sesh discovers more paintings and experiences their mediums, in search for the one that is right for her.

Here are some initial designs for Sesh.

As a Hieroglyphic:

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